How to prepare and protect your metal

Have you noticed that your noticed that your gate, railings, drainpipes, garden furniture and other metal items in your home have been looking weathered from the harsh UV rays and rain? 

Preparing and maintaining your metal correctly is protecting the longevity of metal surfaces in the home. Here are some tips and tricks.

Old or heavily pitted and rusted ferrous metal surfaces?

Hammerite® Rust Beater penetrates deep into the metal surface and stabilises existing rust on surfaces. Once stabilised, a barrier forms on the metal surface and that will prevent any further rust from forming. 

Long lasting metal protection for non-ferrous metal surfaces?

Recommended for aluminium, galvanised iron(non-roof surface), chrome, stainless steel and copper surfaces.

Hammerite® Special Metals Primer has a fast-drying formulation that will prime shiny non-ferrous metals and create robust adhesion when you apply Hammerite® Direct to Rust Metal Paint.

Need a smooth spray application for surfaces or to clean your surfaces or tools?

Hammerite®  Brush Cleaner & Thinners thins Hammerite® Rust Beater or Hammerite® Direct to Rust Metal Paint to achieve suitable thickness for best spray application result,correct product performance during application and curing process when priming or painting. 

Hammerite®  Brush Cleaner & Thinners clean brushes and rollers to prepare for your next metal project. 

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