How to choose metal paint for your type of metal

Have you decided and are you ready to paint a metal surface? Make sure you use the right metal paint for your type of metal.

Our step by step guidelines will help you to select the best metal paint to protect your metal for years to come.

Step 1-Review the type of metal so you know what paint you can use on metal

You want to protect the metal surface by using the best metal paint, whatever you are working on. You might not know exactly what type of metal you are dealing with. Whether it is stainless or galvanized steel, aluminium or iron, you just want to make sure that the paint protects and sticks to the metal. Using the right metal paint will give you peace of mind and reassurance that you will have your metal protected for a long time.

Tip: Use a magnet and hold it at the surface. Iron and stainless steel are metals that magnets stick to because iron is a main component of steel. Iron and stainless steel are ferrous metals, which means that magnets will stick onto these surfaces

Step 2-Protect against all weather conditions

You would like to protect your metal object against the sun, rain and any weather conditions. Water causes ferrous metals to rust and the sun causes the colour to fade. Metal paint will protect the surface against both water and rust.

Only galvanized metal will not rust (though its surface will get dull and worn out if left unprotected. All other metal will rust and need rust protection.

Step 3-Protection against rust

Most types of metal rust so you want to protect against the impact of water and rain. Different types of metal are sensitive to corrosions, with only galvanized steel not rusting. So, what paint to use on rusted metal and what paint sticks on galvanized metal.

You want to refresh and revive the colour of these metal objects and choose at the end the right product.

Step 4-Decide on metal paint product solution for the job

However, it is not easy to select the right metal paint. How to decide on the right metal paint product for your job, with all products claiming something else. This can be very confusing. Do you need an undercoat or not? All these questions make the final decision very hard

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